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Plus One!!

Here's the scoop...

Plus One!!

Since Plus One is new, they have tons of stuff going on all the time, so check back here often and I'll let ya know what they're up to!


Have you always wanted to ask Plus One a question, but didn't know how to get in touch with them? Well, now you can!'s Teen Music Page is taking Plus One questions NOW!

HAVE YOU HEARD? Plus One has been nominated for 5 of the 7 Dove Awards they were up for! These are : Song of the Year, Group of the Year, New Artist of the Year, Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, and Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year. Be sure to watch them on April 26!

~Many secular radio stations have started playing Plus One's songs! Call or email your local stations and request their songs - more than likely, they'll play them!! What an awesome way to spread God's word!!

!Fun Facts!

*Nate was discovered while performing at the Annual Christian Artists Seminar talent competition in Estes Park, CO.
*Gabe plays several different instruments including piano, guitar, bass, and drums.
*Plus One first auditioned for producer David Foster via cell phone, singing to him while he was on a boat at sea!
*The name Plus One is a constant reminder that God is always there.
*The song "The Promise" was the first song that Plus One ever sang together.
*Jason was the starting full back and defensive end for his high school football team when he left to join Plus One.
*Three members of Plus One have fathers who are pastors - Nate, Gabe, and Jason.
*One of Plus One's first performances was singing "America the Beautiful" at an event for (ex)Vice-President Al Gore.
*Jason is the best cook in the group ... his specialty is grilled cheese sandwiches! =)
*Nathan appears in a Visa credit card print advertisement that is currently running in major national publications.
*Plus One's first apartment had only one bedroom and Gabe was forced to sleep in the closet!
*Jeremy received a vocal music scholarship to Southwest Missouri State.
*Before coming up with the name Plus One, the group was called Blue ... and actually performed several times under that name!

If you hear anything new about Plus One that's not on here, then let me know! Thanx!