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Nathan Walters
Plus One!!

Nathan Walters!


Nathan Walters, at age 22, is the oldest member of Plus One. He has FIVE siblings ... Ivan (19), Lauren (10), Kathryn (8), Kiersten (5), and Jacquelyn (3)! Growing up he was homeschooled, and his hobbies include talking on the phone, water skiing, working out, writing, and internet (always on AOL!!)

birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
height: 5'11"
weight: 180 lbs.
eyes: hazel

food: italian food and *anything* chocolate =)
team: Atlanta Braves
movie: Dumb and Dumber
cookie: chocolate chip (he LOVES chocolate!)
restaurant: The Cooker
hangout: malls, 3rd Street in Santa Monica
fast food: Taco Bell, Mickey D's, Burger King
donut: blueberry glazed
music: every kind of music
tv show: doesn't watch tv!
sport: soccer and baseball
color: blue, forest green